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GPS Trackers 4G & WiFi Version for any Assets and Cars SU-6500





4G WiFi & Satellite Version –  17 Months to 3 years Battery life

About the SU-6500 4G WiFi & GPS Version



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About GPS Trackers 4G & WiFi Version for any Assets and Cars SU-6500

17 Months to 3 years Battery life

SU-6500  4G  & WiFi Version for any Assets and Cars


We have been asked numerous times for a device that can be used to locate items indoors – where even the best GPS will not work – such as in a warehouse or basement. The SU-6500 4G/WiFi uses a WiFi ‘sniffer’ to scan for WiFi access points and the signal strength from each one. This information is then used to triangulate a position which is typically accurate to 100 feet / 30m in metropolitan areas. And this can all be done in typically less than 3 seconds, using a lot less power than a typical GPS fix.

17 Months to 3 years Battery life depends on what plan you select, with low battery alerts

No Lock-In Contact

Monthly Service Fees start from just $14. if you Pay annually from just $139 = $11:58 Per Month  no contracts and change plan at any time

Your Price:

HI All we have these GPS Trackers in stock don’t get caught out when your Car, Trailer Jet-ski, Bobcat or piece of valuable machinery is stolen. With this unit you own the unit, outright, monthly or yearly service fee options.

Can cancel, or Suspend at any time at no cost, you can transfer, to any Car object, no wiring, many options of setup depend on your needs and budget and best of all, No Contract. From what we have investigated out there in the market 99% of suppliers of fleet GPS trackers requires you to sign up to 2 to 3-year contracts required, which and unbreakable.

We have a fleet of 43 vehicles here in Brisbane. I the past and have had so many stolen we had to do something. These were the best investment we very made.

They are a Australian based company. When you call for info or help, they answer the phone and no waiting, they even call you if they see something that is not as it should be. Up-to 17 months battery life, some units up to 4 years, the unit takes 3 AAA Battery’s, Fully water proof, it lets you know when the batteries are getting low, so you can change them.

You are welcome to come in and inspect in our office here at 24 Albert Street Rocklea and see them working live on our system, you will be able to and see how easy they are to work and monitor. Some of our customers use them to track their staffs working progress from job to job time spent at each location for billing purposes.

You can leave your machinery on site and if some tries to take it or move it, you have the option where you can be notified within 3 or 5 mins. On your Phone or email.

Call us on 0434995814

We even give some start up training it would take you 5 mins of your time, and you be up and running so easy.

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We use 4 Express freight options we will choose the best option for you to ensure the best price and fastest Delivery for you.

We are only too happy to combine freight cost, please call or email us so we can get the best freight cost for you.

Please note: all delivery drivers will be instructed to leave at front door if no one is home to receive item this is a condition of sale with no exception.

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All return claims are to be submitted to: budjet.trailers@gmail.com and are subject to approval prior to return post.

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